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Today's well informed students tomorrow's responsible citizens.

School is a miniature society.It's a lab where future citizens are being prepared for the bigger role of life. Student's formative academic years determine their professional and personal development. However, in current times, the world is moving faster than our academia can cope with and there is a gap between what students learn and the skills required to deal with the real world. Schools are trying to bridge this gap by initiating a variety of skill and vocational programme . The New Education Policy 2020 also put emmence importance on skill development. However, until students realise where their interests lie, it's difficult for them to figure out which skills to develop.

Then question arise how come students identify their interest,personality and their ability. Certainly a career counsellor can help students to identify their potential and opt for the right career. Choosing the right career path is not the solution of the problem. A Proper guidance and handholding  is required till the child meet his or her goal.

The school can increase its credibility by conducting workshop , setting career planning lab and arranging one to one session between the student and career counsellor.

Wit Explore Centre For Career Development is an one stop centre where you can get all career related solution.Come and join hand with us to create a better future for your students. Our collective effort can create a happy society.

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