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career assessment

 Millions saw the apple fall, but Newton asked why.

                                                                           -Bernard Baruch

Career choice after 12this the most tricky and strenuous for students. It’s a herculean task for the parents as well. There can be 100+ career options for PCMB students. Apart from Engineering and Medical, one can join Defence, Agriculture or Bio-science Research. Choosing the right subjects for undergrads is extremely critical because of wide choice available to students.


Risk involved in this period
  • The wrong career decision may lead to wastage of time and frustration among students. 
  • Students usually takes decision under peer pressure
  • Parents put their unwarranted expectation over children
  • Children may choose a career which they don’t like eventually


On the other hand choosing the right subject leads to
  • Scoring good marks in academics
  • Enjoying your subjects
  • Career growth
  • No stress in life


What you will get in Career Counselling
  • It’s a five dimensional career analysis which includes Personality, Interest, Learning style, skill and ability and Career value motivator.
  • A 24 pages comprehensive report will be generated with detailed education and career roadmap.
  • The complete career path for the best career option you choose.
  • College recommendations based on your preferences.
  • Two career counselling session with the seasoned counsellor
  • Career counselling support.

PRICE: ₹1999