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career assessment

Art is a subject that is inundated with opinions. In fact, that’s all it is about opinion.

                                                                                                                                  -Chick Corea 

Art is a broad field with variety of discipline. There can be more than 150+ career options in Arts. One can opt for pure Arts subjects like History, Political Sc or Economics etc. The other form of Arts may be Applied art, Fine art, Performing art, Culinary, Digital art, Fashion, Film and Video, Photography, Music and sound…and so much. Opting to an Arts subject exclusively depends upon your creativity, imagination and interest. Students interested in arts will go for a psychometric test to find out most suitable option for them.


Risk involved in this period
  • The wrong career decision may lead to wastage of time and frustration among students.
  • Students usually takes decision under peer pressure
  • Parents put their unwarranted expectation over children
  • Children may choose a career which they don’t like eventually


On the other hand choosing the right subject leads to
  • Scoring good marks in academics
  • Enjoying your subjects
  • Career growth
  • No stress in life


What you will get in Career Counselling
  • It’s a five dimensional career analysis which involves Personality, Interest, Learning style, skill and ability and Career value motivator.
  • A 24 pages comprehensive report will be generated with detailed education and career roadmap.
  • The complete career path for the best career option you choose.
  • College recommendations based on your preferences.
  • Two career counselling session with the seasoned counsellor
  • Career counselling support.

PRICE: ₹2999