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multiple intelligence assessment

Never judge the fish by its capacity to climb.

                                                                     -Albert Einstein

Everybody is unique and bestowed with certain qualities. If the qualities are identified at a young age then we can nurture the child accordingly. When we talk of intelligence, immediately we think of IQ …but over the years the definition of intelligence has changed. It is the age of multiple intelligences. The theory of “Multiple Intelligence” was proposed by Howard Gardner in 1983 in his book “FRAMES OF MIND: The Theory of Multiple Intelligences”.

According to Howard Gardner, intelligence can be of 8 types such as visual- Spatial Intelligence, Linguistic Verbal Intelligence, Logical mathematical Intelligence, Bodily kinaesthetic Intelligence, Musical Intelligence, Interpersonal Intelligence, Intrapersonal Intelligence, and Naturalistic Intelligence.

With a psychometric test the parents can know about the intelligence the child possess. This is designed for the kids between 2nd to 4thstd.


What you will get in Career Counselling
  • 8 Modules Multiple Intelligence Assessment with 4 Learning style analysis and 6 Aptitude Analysis
  • Get detailed analysis report with learning style recommendations.
  • Career counselling session with the counsellor
  • Career counselling support.


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