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engineering stream selection

Scientists study the world as it is; engineers create the world that has never been.

                                                                                              -Theodore von Karman

Engineering as a stream has changed the world. There are 6 major engineering stream and 30 sub streams. Students and parents generally put in a rocky situation to choose the right stream. The Engineering stream selector is helpful to select the accurate stream with the help of SJT(situational judgemental test) and SIT(situational interest test) and recommend the most suitable engineering stream.


Risk involved in this period
  • Choosing the wrong stream which is not align to one’s interest
  • Choosing a stream which fetch no job in the future
  • Friends may misguide


What you will get in Career Counselling
  • Provide information on different Engineering branch.
  • Provide top streams to choose one.
  • The complete career path for the stream you choose.
  • Two career counselling session
  • Support in college selection

PRICE: ₹1999