Relevance Of STEM Education in Today’s world


A revolution has started called digital revolution.

The world is moving in a rapid pace and so as we. Gone are the days when children were introduced to technology with engineering admission. Today the scenario is completely different. Children at the very tender age are exposed to technology in the form of gadget like mobile phone, video game, X-box and many more. So in this context when they are well versed with technology in a very young age , imparting of STEM education holds importance.

What is STEM

STEM is Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths. The students whose investigative and realistic interest (RIASEC theory of John Holland) is high generally love to think critically and solve problem. STEM education is the area of education which acquainted the children with real life problem and empowering the children to think critically to solve it. It encourage curiosity and confidence.

Importance of STEM

The Fundamental Duties stated in our constitution says – to develop the scientific temper, humanism and the spirit of inquiry and reform. Inculcating scientific spirit is very important at childhood stage .If the base is strong then future can be secured. A country’s progress depends on its capacity to innovate. Children are the future torch bearer. So it is very important to prepare them when they are raw.

How STEM education is imparted

Now hundreds of Apps are available in Android and Apple play store and numbers of online education portals are available which provide meaningful content on STEM learning. These interactive learning apps arouse interest among students.

As mentioned above there are number of apps available, here I am listing some popular app like ScratchJr, Tinkercad, LightBot, Blokify, The Robot Factory, BrainPOP etc. They are really easy to use and after each module a quiz is followed to assess the learning.


It is essential to develop imagination, critical thinking, curiosity and problem solving skill among kids. At the same time its equally important to boost social and emotional skill also. Parents, educators and facilitators should equipped children to become sensitive to real life problem and utilise the STEM learning in solving the problem of society. After all science must respond to societal needs and global challenges. Let the children be imaginative, because imagination is powerful than knowledge, rightly quoted by Albert Einstein.

Journey of a thousand miles start with a single step. That step can be STEM.





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