New Education Policy And Need Of Career Counsellor


      The Union Cabinet approved the New Education Policy 2020 on 29th July. Several changes have been sought for. India is going to become a global leader in the field of science, technology and education. The vision of NEP 2020 is to transform the Indian society into a knowledge society by providing high quality education. The 10+2 system is going to be replaced by 5+3+3+4 system. Several vocational courses will be added and coding will be started right from class 6th.

           Among all these changes , the most interesting addition is flexibility in subject choice. Before this CBSE policy was quite rigid. Till 10th std there is absolutely no scope for subject selection. In 11th-12th there is little scope with solid inelastic boundary. There is a clear demarcation of Arts, Science, Commerce and Humanities. With the implementation of the New Education Policy 2020, this boundary will become blur. No rigid separation between academic stream, vocational stream and extracurricular activities. However there is no further intimation from Government how it will work. Its details are  awaited.

         In this scenario when students are allowed to take the subjects of their choice ,choosing the right subject which lead to fulfil their career goal is very important. The role of career counsellor is very eminent in choosing the right combination which in future can be align with the career needs. Career counsellor undertakes a psychometric test which assess the personality.interest,skill and ability ,career motivators and learning style of a student. The 5-dimentional approach leads to top career path which eventually helpful for the students to choose the subjects.


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